Public Engagement

If you would like me to give a public engagement talk or run an activity at your event please get in touch with me for details of fees and availability.

The Science of Superheroes

This is a cross faculty project. Public engagement activities centre around a book. “Unmasked – The Science of Superheroes” reveals the scientific realities behind famous comic book legends and blockbusting film icons. The book draws on Computing, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Psychology to explore the world of superheroes like never before.

Example of some public engagement activities carried out:
Mini Lecture on The Uncanny Valley including Activity Sheet and Teacher Notes

Crack-the-Code Boxes

This project has two main objectives:

  1. to raise cyber security awareness amongst players in a fun and exciting way, whilst also promoting teamwork, problem solving, and logical reasoning.
  2. to promote the possibility of cyber security careers.

The Crack-the-Code Boxes are all named after women who changed the world of computer science.

The Science of Star Wars

A public lecture that brings the Science of Star Wars to life, focusing on the themes of:

  • space travel
  • blasters and lightsabers
  • droids

Women Computer Scientists Who Changed Your World

A whistlestop tour of women computer scientists whose inventions and discoveries have shaped technology today.