In the News

I am available for interviews and media work. Also talks and workshops. Please contact me directly, or via the Leeds Trinity University press office.

JANUARY 2023 – Turning a passion for STEM into a career.

JULY 2022 – GBC interview, In Her Shoes. Jackie Anderson gets to know some of Gibraltar’s most inspirational and influential women.

MAY 2022 – comments on the Elon Musk and Twitter story – syndicated in 132 local titles across the UK. They were also in Mail Online, which was syndicated in Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, and MSN UK. They were also in The Independent, another key national publication.

APRIL 2022 – iOS 16 Release Most Wanted New iPhone Features Coming This Fall in Forbes Magazine

OCTOBER 2021 – Interview with Gary Hickson from Radio Lancashire about the Lancashire Science Festival.

SEPTEMBER 2021 – Interview with Rhiannon WIlliams for about the phasing out of passwords in favour of authentication apps.

MARCH 2021 – The Science of Superheroes Workshop at the Malvern Festival of Ideas.

DECEMBER 2020 – JHI Winter Lecture, The Science of Superheroes.

DECEMBER 2020 – Discussing The Science of Superheroes book with The Reading Agency.

DECEMBER 2020 – Talk to Digital Lancashire about the imposter syndrome.

NOVEMBER 2020 – Talking to BBC Newsround about the PS5 vs the Xbox Series X.

OCTOBER 2020 – BBC article about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Among Us game which was watched by 400,000.

SEPTEMBER 2020 – An interview with BBC News about PlayStation 5 matching the price of the Xbox Series X.

FEBRUARY 2020 – Launch of The Science of Superheroes book.

OCTOBER 2019 – See my appearance on Rip-Off Britain discussing the validity of the algorithms used by online dating services.

OCTOBER 2019 – The Science of Superheroes workshop at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

NOVEMBER 2017 – Several appearances in the ITV Cyber Crime series.

SEPTEMBER 2017 – Discussing the use of facial recognition technology with the new iPhone on BBC Radio 5Live.

SEPTEMBER 2017 – In The Express talking about the iPhone X and its security features.

JULY 2017 – TV coverage from an outreach trip to Gibraltar, watch me get interviewed by GBC.

MAY 2017 – The Metro interviewed me about the popularity of Internet videos, specifically “Charlie Bit My Finger – Again‘ on You Tube.

APRIL 2017 – Newspaper article regarding Gibraltar, written by me: Why Gibraltar is Proud to Be British.

JULY 2016 – I got interviewed by The Telegraph in July 2016 regarding Facebook selfies. This resulted in being quoted in The Daily Telegraph (print) and the Scottish Daily Telegraph (print), as well as The Sun.

MAY 2016 – Interview for The Guardian regarding Twitter’s move to eliminate photos and videos from its 140 character limit.

JANUARY 2015 – Interview about Google Glass. The main story is in The Telegraph but my quote got picked up by quite a few others such as The New Economy and The Australian.

JANUARY 2015 – Read an interview with me by Fine Controls about why Gender in Engineering matters.

OCTOBER 2014 – Article about the 4 Week Challenge (an award winning module I co-founded) and the apps that were created when we run it in 2014.

JULY 2014 – Some of our students did exceptionally well in the Student Employee of the Year competition. I talk to our press office about them.

JUNE 2014 – Quoted in The Independent in an article about the range of jobs available to female engineers.

NOVEMBER 2013 – A 4 Week Challenge article from 2013.