Nicky Danino

I’m currently the Head of School for Computer Science at Leeds Trinity University. I was born and bred in Gibraltar and came to Preston when I was 18 to study in the UK. I have a BSc in Computing, a Post Graduate Certificate in Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and an MEd in Professional Practice. As if that wasn’t enough I am currently studying for my doctorate part-time. I also have my CITP (Chartered Information Technology Professional) qualification from the BCS.

On a day-to-day basis, my main focus is educational technology. I am passionate about how we can transform pedagogy in the classroom in new and innovative ways. The main focus of my doctorate is the use of social media, and specifically Twitter, in education. I spend a lot of time data mining on social media and using data science techniques to analyse the data. AI is my friend!

I love my work as a STEM Ambassador and I am a designated UCLan Engagement Catalyst award holder. I work towards trying to engage more young people with Computer Science, and more specifically, girls. I would like to see an increase in the number of girls studying computing, and I work towards trying to address the gender stereotypes around professions in the discipline.