International Women’s Day 2014

Women at UCLan celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday 7th March by attending a luncheon workshop hosted by Pia Webb, who runs Webbs Consulting (amongst many other things).

Of course I had to dress up for the occasion.


Pia talked to us about quality of life and how we can make changes for the better. Her focus was in highlighting how we can empower ourselves in order to find a sustainable way of living in a way that works for each individual.

These are her 3 steps:

  1. invest in your own quality of life
  2. prioritise time to reflect
  3. act by making conscious decisions

Her workshop started off with a nice motivational exercise where we had to draw ourselves using our left hand, and then pass our picture round the table for others to write down two words to describe us…



Pia asks us to think about quality of life – what does it mean to you?

Everything starts with a first step…”We all need to realise that no one is perfect, we all have our own issues. The only difference is that some people deal with their issues and do something about it, whilst others don’t” (Pia Webb)

Thanks to UCLan Women’s Group for organising such a lovely event.

On the 8th March I took part in another event arranged by Jo Heaton, UCLan’s Engagement Manager, at the Harris Museum. The Preston Women’s Network put on a few events and we took part by having an ‘I’m a Scientist, Talk to Me’ experience.


Getting my fingerprint checked to see if I am on the most wanted list.


Sarita and I powering up our minds.


Murder in the museum, our scientists are figuring out the clues.

IWD2014-5 Where’s that clue then? I’m sure I saw it round here somewhere.


Part of the human skull – the ghostly jaw.

IWD2014-3Mr. Leo and I getting down to do some science.

We all had a really fun time (it was almost worth getting up early on a Saturday for). Our visitors seemed to enjoy it too, we had plenty of them both young and old.